UGG Launches Refurbishment Program

As the global lifestyle brand, UGG, looks to further its sustainability efforts, the company is looking to offer a variety of services to extend its products’ life.

The launch of the new UGG Renew program comes as a direct response to a survey conducted by the brand that revealed that most of the company’s customers wear their boots for years.

Under the program, customers can expect complete restoration of their shoes, with new bindings, sole replacement and a full steam clean to lift stains, remove odor and condition the leather for $80. Customers can also opt to have their shoes steam cleaned and have soles replaced for $60. And for $40, customers can simply get their boots steam cleaned.

Aside from offering the new refurbishment service, the company is looking to further push its sustainability efforts by reassessing its use of various materials. UGG is looking to increase its use of recycled, repurposed, regenerated (plant-based), renewable (bio-based) and certified/preferred natural fibers by 35 percent. Furthermore, by 2027, the brand is looking to replace 100 percent of all faux fur with plant-based faux fur, bio-based faux fur, or recycled synthetic fibers within all material categories for its footwear products.

Originally published at on November 8, 2021.

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