The Whitelist Sells NFT Aces Collection Within Minutes

NFT platform, The Whitelist, sold out a collection of 2D and 3D art with rare pieces created by twenty-five guest artists from around the world within minutes of launch.

The Aces Collection included more than 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) altogether.

“Mint day for the Aces Collection is right up there with Super Bowl 50 in terms of ‘days I’ll never forget’. Just knowing that there are so many people across the globe that saw our vision and wanted to be a part of our community was incredibly humbling and encouraging,” said Jordan Norwood, who co-founded the platform with his brother, Gabe Norwood.

“In the collectible NFT space, the community is the greatest utility. We want to be at the intersection of art, access and real people coming together,” he added.

Jordan is an 8-year NFL alumni and former Denver Bronco and Super Bowl 50 Champion. Gabe, on the other hand, made his name by helping take George Mason to the NCAA Final Four in 2006 and is still playing professionally in Manila.

Unlike other NFT creatives, The Whitelist Aces Collection grants holders access to a lifetime community membership, including discounts from corporate partners, in-real-life (IRL) experiences, the ability to vote on the community wallet, investments, and, of course, a unique piece of profile picture (PFP) art, which has become the new flex among NFT buyers.

To commemorate the success of the Aces Collection, which reportedly holds 300 ETH in their community wallet, The Whitelist recently held a private SB LVI event. Professional athletes, Hollywood actors, music industry professionals, and Ace holders were all in attendance.

“This is a lot like what we would do as kids. We loved to create collectibles — we would draw our own trading cards, sketch our own sneaker designs, and dream about playing in Championship games. It’s incredible that we are still able to do these things together into adulthood,” said Gabe.

NFTs from the sold-out Ace Collection can now be purchased on secondary markets like OpenSea.

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