Sephora To Offer Same-Day Delivery As Customers Gear Up For The Shopping Season

Beauty retailer, Sephora, is teaming up with Delivery Solutions to offer same-day delivery service ahead of the holiday season.

The offering comes at a time when consumers are demanding a wide variety of innovative, instantaneous delivery options that fit their new lifestyles.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have significantly increased their use of delivery services, with eCommerce deliveries increasing by 25 percent in 2020 alone. Consumers are not only ordering more online, but they are also expecting faster delivery — a trend that is unlikely to fade anytime soon, according to Omnitracs, a fleet management solution provider.

“At Sephora, our priority is to deliver a seamless experience to all of our clients, and this partnership with Delivery Solutions was the natural next step in the evolution of maximizing efficiencies in the purchasing power of our shoppers,” said Sree Sreedhararaj, chief technology officer for Sephora Americas.

“With the ease and strength of Delivery Solutions’ ecosystem, Sephora can look forward to expanding our reach and new client acquisition, while continuing to service our existing clients with a more streamlined way to receive their beauty essentials the same day they need them.”

The partnership unlocks access to best-in-class delivery providers, enabling Sephora to leverage the combined power of their capacity and capabilities.

“Delivery Solutions’ future-proof eCommerce business model is the key to avoiding constant re-platforming, reducing overall tech debt and inefficiencies, and setting businesses up for continued success as they grow and evolve. We remain committed to preparing for and solving the challenges of accelerated delivery for leading, forward-thinking customers like Sephora,” said Manil Uppal, founder of Delivery Solutions.

Consumers Want Faster Deliveries And They Are Willing To Pay For It

Originally published at on November 18, 2021.




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