Samsung Plans To Utilize Discarded Ghost Nets For Galaxy Devices

Samsung is planning to unveil new mobile devices at the Galaxy Unpacked event on February 9th, 2022, that will be made using ocean-bound discarded fishing nets — a move that is aimed at helping the electronics giant raise the sustainability quotient of its mobile devices.

Ghost nets today represent a massive threat to marine ecosystems as they trap and entangle sea life and even end up in food and water sources that are crucial to humans. It is estimated that some 640,000 tons of fishnets are abandoned and discarded annually, making it all the more critical to collect and repurpose these fishnets to help reduce plastic waste and preserve oceans.

“We believe that everyone has a role to play in providing innovative solutions that protect the planet for generations to come. Samsung understands our efforts need to match our scale, our influence, and the magnitude of the entire Galaxy ecosystem around the world,” said TM Roh, president and head of mobile communications business at Samsung Electronics, in a press release.

The Korean tech giant also announced the launch of several other initiatives that will help make its products more sustainable. For example, the company plans to use recycled materials across all of its mobile products by 2025, taking their strength, aesthetics and durability into consideration. It also plans to fully eliminate single-use plastics from product packaging in the next three years.

Originally published at on February 9, 2022.



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