Origins Appoints Indy Officinalis As Global Influencer

Skincare label, Origins, has appointed sustainability activist and urban farmer, Indy Officinalis, as its new global influencer partner.

“Origins has long been using the power of plants, mushrooms and other naturally-derived ingredients. As a farmer and forager myself, and someone who has studied the power of nature, I could not be more excited to be partnering with Origins as their new global influencer,” said Officinalis.

Officinalis originally graduated from Blue Ridge School of Herbalism and received an advanced clinical herbalist certification after spending six years farming and foraging mushrooms throughout the United States.

Through her appointment, Officinalis will support the work of Origins Green the Planet, which aims to restore global ecosystems and support environmental justice organizations worldwide. Additionally, Officinalis is expected to appear in campaigns while developing engaging and educational social media content for Origins collections such as Mega Mushroom and GinZing.

“Indy’s respect and enthusiasm for our planet blends perfectly with our guiding principles at Origins. We are excited to work together to create meaningful programs and content that support our shared love of high-performance active natural skincare, the power of mushrooms and taking care of our planet,” said Origins’ Senior Vice President and General Manager Ada Lien.

Originally published at on November 10, 2021.

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