Mulberry Debuts Free Accident Protection For Online Shoppers

Product protection company, Mulberry, has rolled out an accident protection program called MulberryCare, which enables online shoppers to receive 12 months of free protection against product defects, drops, spills and stains on their purchases.

The offering comes on the heels of a consumer survey conducted by Mulberry in February 2021, revealing that 44 percent of consumers who wanted to add product protection beyond the manufacturer warranty felt that the options available to them were too expensive while another recent consumer survey from June 2021 found that 43 percent regretted not purchasing a product protection plan.

Those are problems the company is seeking to solve its new solution. If a customer finds themselves needing to file a claim within their first year of protection under MulberryCare, they can do so through Mulberry’s online dashboard and have their product repaired, replaced, or refunded — with no deductibles or hidden fees.

“While most products come with manufacturer warranties, that coverage tends to be limited to a very specific set of product defects,” said Chinedu Eleanya, CEO of Mulberry.

“When shoppers are able to purchase more comprehensive accident protection, which is not available through the majority of online retailers, there can still be significant pricing barriers to getting that high-quality coverage. MulberryCare is the first-ever solution that gives shoppers the comprehensive accident protection they are seeking free of charge. We’re thrilled to offer every online shopper the confidence to make bigger purchases and feel comfortable that their products will last.”

The MulberryCare coverage is available across multiple product categories, including appliances, furniture as well as electronics.

To obtain MulberryCare on purchases, shoppers are required to download the Mulberry browser extension. When enabled, the extension automatically identifies when a shopper is browsing an eligible MulberryCare product. From there, the shopper can easily add protection to their purchase and activate their coverage with a one-click confirmation within their Mulberry dashboard.

Once the customer receives their product, their free one-year coverage begins.

The Mulberry browser extension is currently available for Google Chrome users directly within the Chrome store. However, the company noted that additional extensions would be developed for other web browsers in the future.

Originally published at on August 4, 2021.




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