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2 min readFeb 9, 2022

Lululemon has debuted its mushroom collection, featuring the Barrel Duffle Bag 24L and 2-in-1 Yoga Mat Bag and Meditation Mat. The athleisure brand first revealed its plans back in July 2021 to launch a collection of yoga accessories such as yoga mats and bags made using Mylo, a material that is said to look and feel like leather but is actually made from a renewable fungus.

The launch of the new pieces pushes lululemon’s sustainability agenda forward by incorporating more environment-friendly materials into its product lineup.

“Sustainable innovation will continue to play a key role in the future of retail and product, and for us, leveraging a material like Mylo™ demonstrates our commitment to creating a healthier environment through lower-impact products, while also giving us the ability to reimagine iconic pieces in our line through a sustainability lens,” said Sun Choe, chief product officer at lululemon, in the summer of 2021.

Consumers can purchase the new duffle bag and the meditation mat online and view them on full display in Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The bags retail for $328 and $238, respectively.

“The launch of our Mylo bags is an exciting milestone for lululemon, as our guests can now experience the premium look and feel of this innovative, sustainable material firsthand,” Choe told WWD.

“Our lululemon Meditation and Yoga Mat bag and lululemon Barrel Duffle bag, which feature Mylo, demonstrate our commitment to creating a healthier future through low-impact products, paired with the performance-driven and high-quality design we’re known for.”

Shoppers can buy the new duffle bag and the meditation mat on lululemon’s website. The mushroom-based yoga mats, however, are yet to be released, despite the brand’s initial rollout plans.

This year, lululemon is serving as the official outfitter of Team Canada at the Beijing Olympics. The brand also recently launched a resale program aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of its products to half.

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