Levi’s And Atelier Reservé Launch Genderless Collection For FW21

Denim maker, Levi Strauss & Co., has teamed up with visual artist Alljan Moehamad and designer Deyrinio Fraenk of Atelier Reservé for a limited-edition genderless collection.

“The graphics on the garments feature a perfume bottle or a soap bar, labeled Genderless,” said Moehamad regarding the collection.

“The beauty business is a good example of an industry in which gender lines have blurred. A scent is not necessarily masculine or feminine; it was only branded that way for a long time. Similarly, we invite people to define their own rules of what sexy or attractive looks like.”

Atelier Reservé was founded in 2016 and has become recognized for its innovative reworks of vintage products. The brand utilizes old stock fabrics, used materials and vintage garments to give new life to worn goods and promote sustainability.

“Some say it’s sustainable and organic, we simply say: Atelier Reservé gives an authentic touch that naturally occurs as a result of day-to-day wear and tear,” the duo said.

“There’s just something about the quality of the fabrics and design that make Levi’s garments ideal for us to use. They have a durability and natural aging process that we love and need. In comparison, we could never do what we do with used fast-fashion products of poor quality.”

The genderless collaboration marks the duo’s second partnership. The collection is expected to drop on December 3, 2021, featuring a graphic sports hoodie, striped flannel shirt and a sherpa trucker hat.

Originally published at https://retailbum.com on November 29, 2021.

Retail News and Analysis

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