IKEA Expands Furniture Buy Back Program To All US Stores

Just two months after IKEA began pilot testing a furniture buy back and resale program in Pennsylvania, the company has announced plans to expand the program nationwide for a limited time.

Between November and December, the company’s Buy Back & Resell is being made available at all 33 stores in the U.S. In addition, the company is also expanding its ‘Sustainable Living Shop’ to all physical store locations, where consumers can shop sustainable products at reduced prices.

“Ikea is on a journey to become a circular and climate positive business by 2030. As part of this goal, we are proud to launch the Ikea Green Friday campaign and execute the national rollout of our Buy Back & Resell service in the U.S. this year,” said Javier Quiñones, IKEA’s U.S. president and chief sustainability officer.

“We want to help create a sustainable movement in society and inspire our customers to acquire, care for and pass on Ikea products in more sustainable ways.”

The Swedish furniture retailer’s Buy Back & Resell allows shoppers to buy and sell fully assembled and functional furniture. All pieces are assessed for their age, condition and functionality and, if accepted, are sold in the store’s AS-IS section at affordable rates.

“We are excited to share that the Buy Back & Resell pilot in Conshohocken had positive results — 100% of product brought in was resold vs. recycled,” said Jennifer Keesson, the company’s country sustainability manager. “By expanding the service to more stores across the U.S., we hope to inspire more IKEA Family members to participate and further showcase how sustainable living can be obtainable and affordable for the many.”

The company’s move to expand the service comes at a time when consumers increasingly prefer to shop for pre-used items in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and live a more sustainable life.

IKEA US Is Piloting A Buy Back & Resell Service

Originally published at https://retailbum.com on November 2, 2021.



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