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2 min readAug 29, 2023

Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, the duo behind Too Faced, have introduced a fresh “clean” beauty label as a key component of their most recent business endeavor.

With “Polite Society,” the duo have sought to showcase their unique and rebellious creativity by crafting a range of products that seamlessly blend innovative technology, sustainable science, and ingredients sourced from vegan and natural origins, all while upholding cruelty-free practices.

The new brand, available for purchase exclusively at beauty retailer Ulta, offers four products: a mascara, a lip-plumping oil gloss, a foundation, and a blush and glow face palette.

Polite Society’s launch comes seven years after Too Faced Cosmetics, a brand co-founded by Blandino and Johnson in 1998, was acquired by Estée Lauder for a record-breaking $1.45 billion.

Last year, the two innovators relinquished their leadership positions, opting to explore new entrepreneurial avenues.

Subsequently, the duo established Toy Box Brands, a cross-category incubator, in June 2023. The primary objective of this venture is to assist and introduce brands that have the potential to achieve a level of recognition akin to that of Too Faced.

The inaugural brand under Toy Box, known as Diamond Drunk, made its debut in July 2023. It introduced a non-toxic jewelry cleaner and other accessories, with several items accessible through a subscription model. Polite Society is the second brand owned by the company.

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