Bloomingdale’s Amplifies Its Buying And Curation Strategy

American luxury department store chain, Bloomingdale’s, has teamed up with B2B commerce and discovery platform, NuORDER, to reinvigorate its buying and curation process.

Through the partnership, NuORDER helped digitize the buying processes by enabling brands to engage with buyers digitally and in real-time. This, in turn, helped improve efficiency by reducing the time spent writing orders and preparing for style-out reviews for buying teams.

“With Bloomie’s, we wanted to offer the best of Bloomingdale’s with a curated lens. NuORDER by Lightspeed gave us the ability to curate with precision for the Bloomie’s assortment, which is a very different environment and footprint. In order to achieve the desired experience, we needed to make sure we have volume in all styles, without duplication,” said Denise Magid, executive vice president and general merchandise manager of RTW, Center Core, Outlets & Concessions at Bloomingdale’s.

Bloomingdale’s implemented its partnership with NuORDER to improve the curation strategy for its smaller store concept, Bloomie’s.

“In the current remote working environment, the ability to visualize the buy on our platform allowed them to capitalize on white space opportunities and eliminate highly manual processes,” said Olivia Skuza, Co-founder of NuORDER and General Manager, NuORDER by Lightspeed.

The move to partner with NuORDER is part of the retailer’s effort to innovate its customer experience and reinvigorate its business as it looks to keep pace with the fast-changing retail industry.

Plans to implement NuORDER across its other retail properties, such as its main luxury department store, has yet to be revealed.

Bloomingdale’s To Experiment With Small-Format Stores Dubbed ‘Bloomies’

Originally published at on December 10, 2021.




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