Bed Bath & Beyond Is Decluttering Stores — Marie Kondo Style

Cluttered shelves and surplus inventory that left shoppers spending hours sorting through products they did not want have long defined Bed Bath & Beyond’s in-store shopping experience.

The company is now seeking to spark joy among its in-store shoppers by borrowing inspiration from Marie Kondo’s organizational style.

In a major overhaul of its shopping experience, the big box store has eliminated 44 percent of the products within its flagship New York City store and has arranged the remaining inventory by price, brand and category. The company has also spruced up its stores by lowering shelves, widening aisles, and reducing space on the sales floor by nearly 15 percent in an effort to help customers easily find the products they are looking for.

The New York City store is far from the only location where these changes are being made. The company is making a $250 million investment to declutter its stores and renovate more than half of its stores (450 locations) over the next three years.

The company’s move to spruce up its stores comes at a time when it is facing declining sales and foot traffic, with many of its customers defecting to Target and Amazon, CNN reported.

“We just didn’t need to stack [products] to the ceilings,” Bed Bath & Beyond’s CEO Mark Tritton noted, adding that shoppers were previously overwhelmed by their choices.

Tritton, who previously served as Target’s CMO, was appointed as the company’s chief executive two years ago. He is credited with leading Bed Bath & Beyond through a turnaround during the pandemic and streamlining the company’s business by closing underperforming stores.

Originally published at on July 22, 2021.



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