Allbirds Partners With Trove For Resale Initiative

Allbirds has partnered with recommerce brand, Trove, to launch a resale program that will allow U.S. customers to trade in and buy preloved shoes.

The company’s decision to launch a resale program is in line with its commitment to making its products more sustainable. It also furthers its goal of reducing the carbon footprint of its products by half by the end of 2025 and near zero by the end of 2030.

“Since its founding, Allbirds has been a global leader in end-to-end sustainability that is raising the bar for the entire retail industry,” said Andy Ruben, CEO of Trove.

“The company has set a goal of doubling the lifetime of its footwear products and we could not be prouder to partner with Allbirds to power ReRun as the company moves another step forward toward fully circular operations.”

The ReRun program will initially launch in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City and gradually expand to additional retail locations nationally. It will allow customers to trade in their Allbirds shoes for a $20 in-store credit and buy preloved shoes for prices starting at $59.

“To create a more sustainable fashion economy, it’s crucial that we take a holistic approach,” said Hana Kajimura, head of sustainability at Allbirds. “By launching our trade-in program, ReRun, we will enable our customers to play an integral role in extending the life of our shoes. We always seek partners who share our commitment to sustainability, and we’re thrilled to work with Trove on our first recommerce initiative.”

The partnership with Trove follows the launch of similar initiatives by other apparel and shoe brands. Lululemon, for example, launched a resale platform in April 2021.

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